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Heat Pump Sizing GuideUpdated 5 months ago

Selecting the appropriate heat pump size for your pool is a significant decision that impacts energy efficiency, cost effectiveness, and the overall effectiveness of your heating system. The wide range of options available can make it challenging to determine the best fit for your specific requirements. This guide is designed to simplify the selection process, equipping you with the information needed to choose the correct size heat pump for your pool in order to enhance heating performance and save on energy costs.

The Importance of Proper Sizing

The effectiveness of your heat pump is strongly influenced by its size in efficiently regulating and sustaining the desired temperature of your pool. When the heat pump is too small, it may operate non-stop, struggling to warm the pool and leading to a notable rise in energy expenses. Correct sizing ensures that your pool can achieve and uphold the desired temperature in a cost-effective manner, ultimately providing long-term savings.

Key Factors Affecting Heat Pump Size

Pool Size

The volume of your pool is the primary factor in determining the size of the heat pump you need. Larger pools require more BTUs (British Thermal Units) to heat and maintain temperature compared to smaller pools.


Your geographical location and the local climate play significant roles in choosing your heat pump size. Pools in cooler, drier regions or areas with wide temperature fluctuations will require a more powerful heat pump.

Pool Insulation

Well-insulated pools retain heat more effectively, reducing the demand on the heat pump. Factors such as pool covers and windbreaks can significantly impact heat retention.

Desired Temperature

The temperature you wish to maintain in your pool affects the size of the heat pump required. Higher temperatures will require more heating power.

Intended Usage

The primary goal of a pool heat pump is extending the swimmable season of your pool and maintain stable water temperature as the weather fluctuates. The longer you intend to extend your season, the more powerful your heating requirements will be.

FibroPool Heat Pump Sizing Chart

ModelVoltageHeat Output - BTU/hrPool Volume - GallonsTechnology
FH12012020,0005,000Fixed speed
FH22024020,0005,000Fixed speed
FH13512035,0007,500Fixed speed
FH25524055,00010,000Fixed speed
FH27024070,00015,000Fixed speed

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